Pain Consulting

If you have read the 'about us' section, you would have seen that pain is the area we do most of our work. 

Rethink Movement is named after our approach to pain, in both senses:

- Rethinking movement (and how this can help)

- the rethink movement (rethinking outdated approaches)

If you are struggling with chronic pain, contact us to set up an online consultation plan. This will be entirely based around your needs with an initial consult, and follow ups as arranged. 

Educational Resources

The cornerstone of what we do is education. It is the service we provide for patients, practitioners, clients, and coaches. We currently run a weekly podcast, and are in the process of creating out 10-part lecture series. If you are a PT, physio, EP, basically any exercise professional looking to better understand pain and exercise prescription, reach out!

Join the Rethink Movement!

Exercise Physiology

If you are looking for options for AEP consults, reach out and we will see if we can help you out! 

If not, we will refer you to who can, we are all about what is best for you!