About us


Mitchell is a PhD candidate at Western Sydney University researching chronic pain, pain science, and exercise. Mitchell has a Master of Research in chronic pain and exercise, and a bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. Mitchell is a qualified exercise scientist, strength and conditioning coach, and trainer. Mitchell has been working as an exercise-based practitioner for 6-years and has a passion for helping those suffering from chronic pain. Mitchell's background as a strength coach lends also him the ability to work in the unique cases of athletes/highly trained individuals with chronic pain.

Mitchell Gibbs, MRes

Adrian is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and research assistant in two large clinical trials focusing on chronic pain, exercise, and health, respectively. Adrian has a Master of clinical Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and has been practicing as an exercise-based practitioner for 7-years. Adrian's wealth of experience as an AEP in both private practice and research allows him to guide those he works with in the right direction.

Adrian Caldarola, AEP